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Workflow Hero

Send form data to web service

Hi, over Nintex O356 I have form that needs to send data to an external webservice SOAP 1.1 according to its fields (ex: created, createdby..., prcategory, prcostcenter...). Which action to use pls, Web Request or Call HTTP Web Service?


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Workflow Hero

Re: Send form data to web service

can you give an example how to retrieve the key/value pair in a (ASP.NET) webmethod? i have it like: [WebMethod(Description = "tests the method.")] public void TestMethod(String APP_VERSION_CODE) { // APP_VERSION_CODE should be the value or sth? i dont know.. } but I keep getting a ReportSenderException and also the error is 0xc00000e9  but its all okay now.

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