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Send alert to person when "Responsible" field is changed

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Hi everyone,

I think this might be a simple question as I imagine there has to be some functionality built in for this but I can't find a good solution.  I have a list and workflow operating as a Change Request management system.  The manager receives a notification of a request and can assign a responsible person and due date and that person then gets an email notifying them that they have been assigned (via wait for item update) and then the workflow waits for the status to be changed to "Request Fulfilled" before ending.

In the even that the responsible field is reassigned, is there a way to have the new person receive an email?  Either through some list alerts, a site workflow that runs daily to check for a changed value, or perhaps having my workflow sit there and look for an item update?

Thanks for any advice guys!

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Send alert to person when "Responsible" field is changed

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Hi John,

If this change will be made on the list item itself, then its fairly easy to solve.   In the workflow designer, add a Conditional startup > Condition for Start when items are modified > then do something like the following:

Select the field (previous value)

Not Equals

Select the field

If you have a different scenario let me know.

Just as an FYI:  There may be better ways of accomplishing what you are doing by using the Flexitask action that has delegation and such built into it.

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