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Save issues in nintex live task form

I am trying to create a workflow using a state machine. The first state sends the task form to the outside party to add information via Nintex live. Once they are done, they submit it to us for internal review and we either approve it or send it back to them for more information. The state machine works as intended and the form can be sent back and forth with updates until it is finally approved. However, we want the outside party to be able to just save the form as they work on it, not just save and submit, so there are three buttons: save and submit, save, and cancel. However, the save button functions as a save and submit button on nintex live. It functions this way in nintex live when the task is set up as either a Request Review or an Assigned Flexi-task. The flexi-task task form that we use has the same three buttons, however, the save actually just saves the item and does not progress the workflow. The buttons function as intended for us but not when used via Nintex live.

Basically, the standard save button isn't working properly in Nintex live, so what can be done about this?

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