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Run as workflow owner does not show when action is nested within another action

The Run as Workflow owner feature does not show when that action is nested within another action.  I have always been able to resolve this by setting the feature on the "parent" action or making an Action Set the parent action and setting it there.

But now I need for most of the workflow to run as workflow owner with the exception of a couple of actions.  I have an action that creates an item and I want it to be created by the person running the workflow.   Since most of the workflows actions are nested, I can't just set this feature as needed.

One workaround I thought of is to run another workflow for the actions  that  I want to run as the agent runner.   But that might complicate things as I would need to pass data to the other workflow.

Are there any other work arounds to get an item created by the person running the workflow when the action is nested within a Run as Owner action?

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