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Run Now Functionality

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You may have noticed that some Nintex Workflow actions have a Run Now button.


What does this button do?

You can use this button to test an action to see if you get the desired results within the action. The Run Now is not a simulation, so any executions that are made to query, create, update or delete will act as if they have been executed in a running workflow. This means you can directly test any changes made to a configuration without having to create and publish an entire workflow each time.

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Re: Run Now Functionality

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The SQL Request control in Nintex Forms also has the Run Now button in the ribbon, which is very useful for debugging the SQL query.  However, what I'm seeing fairly frequently is that the query may work just fine in the "Run Now" window but fails when I preview or publish the form, by which I mean I get a dropdown list that has no entries. Can anyone explain why this happens? The query is clearly correct, syntactically, yet the control still fails to return data.

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