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Nintex Newbie

Run JS function (Save Form) when loosing focus (e.g. clicking on WF list item control)

I want my Nintex form to save its content, including attachements, automatically in case the (assigned) user has clicked on one of the embedded WF Approval links fetched from the workflow tasks which are listed in a ListView control onto the form with custom CAML query.


I can add a [ListView control].click(function(){..... script at the custom javascript section but this only works when clicking on the control itself instead of the actual listed records. The link representing the approval task is not triggering the click event.

Currently all attachements are lost when finishing the WF task (as popup screen) because the form will be refreshed after saving or cancelling. All textbox fields are keeping their updated values but the form is not able to be saved anymore as te workflow has applied changes already what result in a page error.


Can someone help me finding a solution where all changes are getting saved before the user took action to his/her WF task?

I want to prevent the user to save/submit the form first (when making changes) followed by reopening the form in edit mode and click on the approval task. 

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Run JS function (Save Form) when loosing focus (e.g. clicking on WF list item control)

Do not show the listview control in edit or new mode, show it on display mode only, So after saving the form reopen the form in display mode with the listview visible.
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