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Retrieve Approver Comments using Start a task process

Hi Guys,


Does anyone know if there is a way to retrieve the approver comments (or any other task columns) from the task list when using the Start a task process action in Office365? I can do it fine with Assign a task cause you know the task outcome but nothing like that exists with start a task process..


Cheers, Rick

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Workflow Hero

Re: Retrieve Approver Comments using Start a task process

One method could be using a Nintex Form on either task action and store the comments into a workflow variable.

For details see to know NWO/Storing task form com...

To store user-entered task form comments to a workflow variable

  1. In the task action, store the task item ID to a text workflow variable.For example, in the action Assign a task, set the field Task Item ID to a text variable named "Task item ID."
  2. On the design canvas, add the action Set Workflow Variable after the task action; configure this added action to update the value of a new text variable to the value of the Approver Comments field of the task list when the ID equals the variable defined in the previous step.Example configuration:
    Property nameProperty value
    VariableReviewer comments
    Value > Equals (click Advanced Lookup)List Lookup
    Value > SourceWorkflow Tasks
    Value > FieldApprover Comments
    Value > WhenID
    Value > EqualsWorkflow Variables > Task Item ID
    Text entered into the Comment field for the indicated task is now stored in the specified variable and available for use later in the workflow. Using the example configuration, the user-entered comments are stored to the Reviewer comments variable.
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