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Retreiving Creator of Document Set in Approval workflow (Nintex Workflow 2013)

I have a Document Set library and a approval workflow on it.

In the approval workflow there 'll be an infopath form to approve/decline the task.

In the infopath form it should not be possible to approve/decline the task when it's the same user how created the Docuemnt Set.

I was trying to test something out from this site :

But I don’t get data in the form.

It should not be possible to approve the task when then same user has created the Document Set. (This is required for a security audit)

There are some possibilities :

  1. Preventing that the same user can approve the task
  2. Send the security audit a mail when the same person is approve the task. (is implemented in the workflow)
  3. Create a report and check when a task is approved by the same person as the Document Set created.

So option 1 should be the best one.

So I want to check the field “Created By”, but I don’t get data on it.

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