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Resume multiple workflow instances in Office 365

We had an issue that a workflow has been suspended on multiple list items in Office 365 due to a permissions issue. The permissions issue has been resolved, but now I need to resume all the suspended instances to complete the workflows, mark the workflow as completed. The only way i can find in office 365 is to open each instance and hit resume the workflow. Is there  a way I can loop through them and resume all the ones "In Progress"? 

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Workflow Hero
Workflow Hero

Re: Resume multiple workflow instances in Office 365

Thanks for your reply Calvin, but my question was not pertaining running multiple workflows on the same list item. My question was resuming the same one workflow running on multiple list items and that has been put into a suspended state...

I ended up going into one by one manually and resuming them (few hundred instances...:0 yeah I know.. ) , I hope there could be a better way to do this in the future.. 

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