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Nintex Newbie

Request Data stalls and does not move to next task

For the purposes of sending a task to a “shared mailbox”, I followed other’s suggestions and I am using a Request Data, without notification to individual people, and a separate email is sent to the shared mailbox after a pause. 

This use to work fine. But now, after “complete task” is clicked, the workflow does not continue anymore.  Previuosly, once "complete task" was clicked, and cannot be clicked a 2nd time.  Now, it is available to click over and over, but the workflow never continues.  Reading through many posts, It seems this issue is common, but I have not found a solution that works.  Has anyone had this problem and come up with a solution?

I am also open to workarounds. I thought maybe I could use a flexi task instead, but is there a way to grab the Task ID in a flexi task so that a link can be provided in a url in the mail notification sent to the shared mailbox?  This post talks about the Task ID not populated within a flexi task.  Is there anyway to get the approval url by using a Flexi Task?

Any other suggestions?  I have spent hours on this. I’d appreciate any help.

BTW, here are additional links that talk about issues with Request Data stalling.

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