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Request Data Task Does Not Complete when click "Complete Task"

My workflow has a number of Request Data actions utilizing a couple of Content Types that create a task and send a notification with a link to a task. Pretty standard.

I have assigned a new task list to the workflow, and now tasks will still be created as usual, but when I attempt to complete the task by clicking the "Complete Task" button, the form closes, but does not show as complete, nor produce an outcome; so the workflow goes nowhere.

I have tried reverting back to the original Workflow Tasks list, creating new content types, and attempting to make the % Complete field visible in the form (which didn't work); none of these have solved the issue. I am at a loss.




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Re: Request Data Task Does Not Complete when click "Complete Task"

Hi Eric,

I think i found solution to this problem, i posted that solution in this question:

Re: Request data action, remain "in progress" and workflow do not continue

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