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Nintex Newbie

Reporting on a repeating section

Hello all,

I have an invoice approval workflow where the total cost is split between cost centers in a repeating section. I would like to build a report which will include the base data (SharePoint columns) as well as the repeating section data. This is needed so that there's an easy way to check a cost center's current total expenses. In this context I need the report to have filters on different repeating section columns (they are a few, like "expense type", "cost center", "project", etc.).

I checked this article on the blog (Build a Report with Reporting Services (SSRS) from SharePoint list which uses Nintex Form with repea...) but filtering the sub-report (repeating section's XML) seems difficult, if not impossible.

I was also thinking about using PowerBI Desktop. It seems more modern and capable but the XML is encoded and cannot be parsed. (Another thought was to use Vadim Tabakman's UDA for decoding the repeating section and write it to another multiline field which then be used with PowerBI.)

I don't have experince with reporting tools so any ideas and guidelines are welcome

Thank you,


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