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Repeating table queries

Hi Friends,


I would like to use the repeating table to display the data. However, when I don't see an option to show the data. For ex: I would like to display the cumulative set of information in list columns



I had a look into Vadim's post of using workflow which is not suitable for us and Ayman post about using columns.

Can anyone suggest as to how I can display the repeating section data into list columns?

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Re: Repeating table queries

Hi All,


I have done the following:


1. Stored the nintex repeating data in a mutli line column

2. In the Nintex workflow designer, I used the Query List action to get the info from the multi line column and stored the result in a multi line variable

3. Next used the Query XML action and made the changes mentioned in this link and stored the data in another multi line variable

4. Used the Set field variable action, gathered the result from above step and displayed it in enhanced rich text column


Hope it helps others

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