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Reminder Emails on outstanding Task

I am trying to create email notifications when an assigned task is not completed by a certain time period after a due date.  Escalations will not work because I still want the original participant to be assigned the task.  This is the what I would like configured:

If the Task is not complete by the Due Date:

  • You will be sent a reminder to complete the task after the Due Date
  • After 3 more days, the task will be escalated to you and your manager
  • If you still do not complete the task in 3 more days an email will be sent to Compliance

Here is what I configured in Nintex under the SharePoint task list (which is not working):

Thanks!  Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Reminder Emails on outstanding Task

First, presuming that the "Pause Until Date" action is configured to pause until the Due Date, your workflow would be unable to complete as quickly as possible. Say your user is assigned the task and completes it within the hour, even though it wasn't due for a week. The workflow would be paused for week, preventing anything further down in the process from completing. That may be fine your circumstances, but it's worth pointing out.

To work around that, you'll need to use a conditional loop action, and configure it to loop until the task is complete. It may be different in your task list, but I do something similar on the Workflow Task list, looping while the '% complete' field is not equal to 1 (which equates to 100%).

If you get rid of the pause you currently have then, inside the loop, you'll want to check to see if the current date is equal to or greater than the due date. If so, you know that the task is overdue. I'd then use the "Calculate Interval Between Dates" action to get the number of days the task is overdue. If it's less than 3, and you haven't sent the first reminder email, send the email. If it's between 3 and 6, and you haven't sent the second reminder email, send that one. If it's 6 or more, and you haven't sent the compliance email, send that one.

After getting past that part, the last action of your loop needs to be a pause. I typically pause my loops for 1 to 5 minutes, but you could do 15, 60, or whatever, if your follow up actions aren't time sensitive.

To keep track of whether or not you sent a particular email, you'd just use a variable to keep track of how many emails you had, or use it as a state variable (i.e. a text variable that has the value of "Reminder Sent", "Escalated", etc...

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Re: Reminder Emails on outstanding Task

Thanks William!  Do you happen to have screen shot of what your workflow looks like? heres what I have so far:

workflow udate.JPG

Also, did you create a variable for Current Date?

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