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Remainder not triggering in flexi task

Hi All,

In Flexi task  i had a issue that ,

1. Assignees = "Project Owners"

After task assigned Email is Coming to respond Task

Issue No 1: With out Approval or any action : No Action email is triggering

Issue No 2: Remainder Email unable to trigger

Workflow History says :  Workflow is in Canceled(No Message ,please check the attachment )

Any resolutions ? please help on this

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Remainder not triggering in flexi task

could you post configuration of flexi task action?

as far as I understood correctly, you receive task notification mail once the task is created/assigned.

so what you exactly mean with 'No action email'? what other notification would you expect until you confirm the task?

regarding 'Cancelled' state, don't you have configured task escalation to COMPLETE with outcome CANCELLED?

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