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Regular Expressions causing Pauses?

We recently upgraded to Nintex Version in a very large (32 servers) farm.

We have been seeing workflows that leverage "Regular Expression" actions, occasionally locking up the entire Workflow engine for the whole farm.  Eight web front ends timer job "Workflow" stuck for hours on end until they eventuallly "pause".


If we terminate the sole running workflow with Regular Expression step (that is also paused) - everything kicks off again after a cache clear. 


If we do nothing and perform a cache clear, the workflow engines eventually pause again.


Anyone else seeing this?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Regular Expressions causing Pauses?

@cory_booth thanks for posting this question. That is some odd behavior and doesn't make sense. Do you know if the regex is correct and not parsing a large amount of text?  Any way for you to zip up an export of your workflow and attach it for me to review?


I have not seen this happening with any other particular cases but will also ping our support guys to see if anyone has seen this on their end.



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