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Refresh page after workflow completes

I have a simple form with a save and complete button which makes an update to a list which initiates a workflow.  When the form closes, I want the view on the list to show the resulting list updates of the workflow, but the workflow doesn't finish before the user returns to the list view.  Reloading the page manually then shows the updates.

Is there a way to hold the form open until the WF is finished or similar?

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Workflow Hero

Re: Refresh page after workflow completes

Hi Chris,

theoretically you could use a JavaScript to pause for a specific duration but there is no guarantee that the workflow executed and finished everything by that time as execution times varies depending on server load and running workflows.

SharePoint is not a real-time environment. Everything interesting runs in timer services and queues. If you build a workaround here, users will expect it to happen everywhere. So I'd suggest you make users aware that the request will be processed but it will take a moment. From my point of view this is still better than let people stare at a freezed screen for a moment while the workflow hopefully finishes.

Best regards


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