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Nintex Newbie

Re-naming an attachment

Hello All

I have a workflow with a "Request Data" task assigned to someone which just requires them to attach a file. Later in the workflow, the attachment is sent to another person in the workflow to upload into another system. The requirement is to have the attachment file name to be in a specific format however as we are not ablne to ensure that employess save the file and re-name it before the attach file task, we need to be able to re-name it. 

Usually the attachment is a PDF docuemnt scanned in. I am struggling to find any simple way within the workflow, to get the attached PDF and re-name it. I had got so far as to save it in a document library with the correct name however it no longer recognises it as a PDF file and just a txt file. Can anyone provide a step by step proces of how to do this. 


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Re-naming an attachment

I recommend taking a look at the Convert Document action. This action should allow you to convert the document to pdf formart and rename the file.

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