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Quick Start Guide for Nintex Hawkeye

This Quick Start Guide will take you through the steps to get up and running with Nintex Hawkeye.


Prerequisites: An existing Nintex Workflow environment, with (or even without) some workflows.


The three main stages are covered below:

  1. Create your Nintex Hawkeye user account
  2. Request a Nintex Hawkeye tenant
  3. Connect your first Data source


Each stage has a link to detailed help if required.


Once you complete these stages, you will be ready to create a Lens and begin analyzing your data.

Stage 1 - Create your Nintex Hawkeye user account Detailed help
Step 1

Fill in the form to request a trial or activate your Hawkeye tenant.


Hawkeye trial request form on


Make sure you use your company email address (i.e.: no Gmail, hotmail, etc)


Step 2

You will receive an email, within 20 minutes, confirming your account has been created that looks as follows. If you haven't received it after 24 hours, contact Nintex Support.


Example email sent to new account



Step 3

Click the link to login and start exploring Nintex Hawkeye. You will have automatic access to the "Explore" tenant" that provides you sample data to give you an idea what you can do with Hawkeye.

Stage 2 - Request a Nintex Hawkeye tenantDetailed help
Step 1

Login to your new Hawkeye account and click the "Request a trial tenant" button at the top of the page.


Button to request a trial tenant from the explore tenant


Step 2

Confirm you are an administrator, then enter a name for your tenant and choose a location to host your tenant data.


Enter the new tenant details


Step 3

Once you've submitted your request, you'll receive an email confirming the tenant is being setup. Typically this takes less than 20 minutes. If you haven't received it after 24 hours, contact Nintex Support.


Example email for a new tenant request


Step 4

An email is sent once the tenant has been created giving you access to your new tenant.


Email notifying user of tenant being ready for use




Stage 3 - Connecting your first data sourceDetailed help
Step 1

Login to your Nintex account, and select "Nintex data sources" from the top main menu.


Hawkeye main menu with Nintex data sources hightlighted


Step 2

Select the "Add Nintex data source" button and choose the relevant data source type required from the selection that appears.


Clicking the Add Nintex data source button shows different data source options


Step 3a

For cloud data sources (Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud), enter your tenant URL and when prompted enter your credentials to authorize adding the tenant.


Example of the form to be filled for creating a cloud based data source in Hawkeye


Step 3b

For On-Premises data sources, selecting the data source type (there is an option for SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016) creates the following temporary card on the page:


On-premises temporary data source card


Download the installer from this card and follow the included installation instructions.  The key steps are:

  • Download the installer from the link show on the card (there are installers for each supported version of SharePoint: 2010, 2013 and 2016).
  • Run the installer copying the token from the data source card that identifies your tenant and pasting it in to the installer.
  • Activate the Hawkeye service in SharePoint Central Admin.


NOTE: you must be an administrator for your SharePoint farm to install Hawkeye.

NOTE: An IIS Restart is required to complete installation.


Step 4

After installation, return to Hawkeye, and your on-premises Nintex data source card appears as follows on the Data Sources page (it may be necessary to refresh the page):


SharePoint 2013 on-prem data source card


You're now ready to create your first lens and analyze your data.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Quick Start Guide for Nintex Hawkeye

I am trying to connect Hawkeye to 2016 Sharepoint on premises. Everything goes according to the instructions until Step 4. "After installation, return to Hawkeye, and your on-premises Nintex data source card appears as follows on the Data Sources page (it may be necessary to refresh the page)". After step 3 I go back to Hawkeye portal and my "Nintex data source card does not appear. It does not appear after refreshing or re-logging in. After a refresh it goes back to the "add data source tile". Anyone know what I may be doing wrong? 

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