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Query List vs Assigned To column

Hello everyone,


I want to create a workflow in which should be generated an email with open tasks.

I created Query list, and I want to get the data from a Tasks list. Here everything works good. I get every column from this list. When I want  to get Assigned To column I have for example DOMAIN\dawid.magdon. And this is great.


But in next step, I want to send notification to every person on Tasks list.  Problem appears when I have to set Filter in Query list.

I need Status which is equal to "Not Started" and Assigned To is, for example equal DOMAIN\dawid.magdon.But it doesn’t work.


How can I prepare this filter?




Thank you a lot for help.

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Re: Query List vs Assigned To column

Typically, when you retrieve a person value, you are actually retrieving their claim. So the value would be i:0#.w|domain\dmagdon. This works the same when filtering.

But if your goal is to email everyone on the task list who has a Not Started task, would this scenario work?

  1. Query the task list filtered by status = Not Started (maybe even add a date range)
  2. Store the Assigned To into a collection variable.
    1. Now you have all of the people in Person variables in the collection
  3. Now use a collection operation to remove duplicates
  4. Now use a For Each loop on every item remaining in the collection and put the current value in a new Person variable
  5. Within the ForEach loop, send a notification to that person.

Or secondarily, if it the same notification you want to send out, you can use the collection and a build string to get all of the accounts into a single variable and do one mass email.

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Re: Query List vs Assigned To column

Yes, I used the same mechanism.

In this situation I can send only an email to everyone from a query list. But still with the same informations.

I want to add notification(in your ex. no. 5) informations from another columns, Like  Workflow Name or Title.

However, for this i have to use the second Query list with another filter (for each one person). So I need an ID for persons

beacuse  I dont know what to set in the filter(check image from first post).

I can show you CAML editor. For example my ID(DOMAIN\Dawid.magdon) is 16 and if i use it there everything looks good.

But how can i get it in Nintex for each one person.


Thank you for your replay.

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Re: Query List vs Assigned To column

Well progress is good! So you would like to add additional fields about the task when emailing the user. What if you requery the task list on the same assigned to person filtered on open tickets only, return the WorkflowName into a collection and the Title's into a collection. Unfortunately you do not have the option of a dictionary yet to combine the values. But at least in the email, you can say, here are you workflows you need to work on, and here are example Task titles.

If this is too cumbersome you could change the task titles to include the workflow name so you get it in one collection.

Or, do you have enterprise, then you will have the my tasks webpart. You could just tell the user they have tasks open, then direct them to the link that has this webpart on the page. Then no further queries required.

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Re: Query List vs Assigned To column

I got it!

I found a solution. It's so simple. I have just used a SetVariable with a specified format(below images).

Curretly I can get a person's ID and set a filter with it. In this situation I can get every information from each column which is assigned to the specific person.



1. Get Persons with still not completed tasks.


2.Remove duplicates.


3. For everyone Person use loop.



4. Get ID current Person.


5. Set filter in Query list for specific Person.




Remember delete from "For Each", Person which don't have email address(for example: groups and people with turn off account).

You can do it via Set Condition and check if email address is not empty.


Thank you guys for help!

Next problem solved with your help.

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