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Nintex Newbie

Put space between value in XPATH in Query XML

Hello everybody,


I am a new user of NINTEX, I have a SharePoint list with i multiple repeating section data form, to get multiple values in a row I make XML Request, in my XML Request I make XPATH in outputs.


Today my values are not separate by space.

I want to separate values by space or make a return to line between each values.


Thanks to all for reading this post,

And Thanks a lot for the person who have advice for me !! ^^



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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Put space between value in XPATH in Query XML

@VijayAntoine mentioned in my response to your other post, you need to store them in collection and using for loop and build string you can add space and/or new lines. For new lines...check under common tab in build string's insert references.

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