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Purging Workflow Progress Table


How to purge the workflow progress table.



To purge the dbo.WorkflowProgress table in the Nintex Content database use the steps below:
***Make sure to purge Workflow History lists BEFORE Workflow Progress***
  1. It is recommended that a database backup be taken before performing the workflow data purge, as once it has been completed, there is not a way to restore the workflow data.
  2. On the server hosting Central Administration open a SharePoint Management Shell as administrator
  3. Run: 'NWAdmin.exe -o PurgeWorkflowData' with associated filtering switches (full usage at bottom)
    1. Example: NWAdmin.exe -o PurgeWorkflowData -state Cancelled -siteCollectionUrl http://contoso/sites/home -lastActivityBeforeLocal 1/1/2016 -timeout 600
    2. The above will purge workflow data from all cancelled workflows on the 'Home' site collection prior to Jan 1st 2016
  4. Once the command has completed, you will see that the record count on the Workflow Progress table will have dropped. 

Full usage:
NWAdmin.exe -o PurgeWorkflowData [-workflowName workflowName] [-state [All|Running|Completed|Cancelled|Error]] [-url teamsiteUrl [-listName listName]] [-siteCollectionUrl siteCollectionUrl] [-deletedLists] [-lastActivityBeforeUTC lastActivityBeforeDateUTC (" + DateFormat + ") | -lastActivityBeforeLocal lastActivityBeforeDateLocal (" + DateFormat + ")] [- listId listId] [-itemId itemId] [-instanceId workflowInstanceId] [-initiator loginname] [-timeout seconds] [-silent] [-purgeAll | -deletedSites]

After this command has run, Nintex Workflow will no longer have any record that the affected workflows were executed. The affected workflow instances will:
  • No longer be listed as having run on the ‘view workflow history’ page.
  • No longer be able to have their graphical status of detailed history viewed.
  • No longer affect statistics or reports.
  • No longer appear in web parts.
  • No longer have viewable tasks (the task item will exist, but clicking on it will receive and error about not being able to find the ID in the database).
  • No longer be able to have history list items associated with them purged using the ‘PurgeHistoryListData’ command unless the–clearall switch is used.


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