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Purge error for WF History and recycle fill-up

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I had a great response to my question on how to quickly delete WF history in this post

I have 3 follow-up questions

1- When I go to NintexWorkflowHistory and select Purge items.  I get a correlation ID error  Upon further review it does appear to delete about 7,500 each time I select Purge Items, but no more  Somewhat of a drag when I have 50,000 History items.  Any idea for the error ?  Note I tried another list and same thing - i get an error and it deletes 7,500 at a time.

2-A casualty of doing the above is then my Recycle Bin fills up !  How do I mass delete the Recycle Bin ?

3-How do I prevent WF History getting created in the first place ?  When I go to the Site Workflow and select WF Settings there is no option to prevent a WF history under the drop-down called "History List"

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Purge error for WF History and recycle fill-up

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1 SQL server will throw a timeout exceptions if too many items are to be deleted. You need to filter down the workflow history to purge a certain amount (I suggest 5.000 up to 7.000 items) and purge the history in batches.

2 you can also also purge workflow data in central administration which shouldn't fill up your recycle bin

3 workflow history can't be deactivated and is needed to show workflow diagrams and create escalation data and such stuff. If you would deactivate it you would certainly loose some functionality too.

Hope this helps a bit.

Best regards


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