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PublishFromNWF and Custom Actions


I currently have a Feature with EventReceiver to publish my workflow nwf files to multiple lists using the webservice's PublishFromNWF.

The problem is that the code works fine with nwf file that includes Nintex actions, while it failed with nwf that includes my custom action with the following error:

  • SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> An error has occurred.

Addtional stacktrace from ULS log:

  • Error publishing from workflow export file: An error has occurred.: Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException: Exception of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException' was thrown.  

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.WebPartPagesWebService.AssociateWorkflowMarkup(String configUrl, String configVersion)  

at Nintex.Workflow.Publishing.Publish.lCA=(String lSA=, String liA=, WebPartPagesWebService lyA=)  

at Nintex.Workflow.Publishing.Publish.YSA=(XomlWorkflow cSA=, Boolean ciA=, Boolean cyA=, PublishOperationTrackingCollection dCA=, Boolean dSA=, WorkflowRepository diA=, Boolean dyA=, Boolean eCA=)  

at Nintex.Workflow.Publishing.Publish.PublishAWorkflow(String wfName, NWActionConfigurations configs, Guid listId, SPWeb web, ImportContext importCtx, Boolean validate, SPContentTypeId contentTypeId, String changeNotes, String& publishWorkflowString)  

at Nintex.Workflow.Common.WebServiceHelper.PublishFromNWFXml(SPWeb web, String workflowFile, String listName, String workflowName, Boolean saveIfCannotPublish, Boolean allowOverwrite, Boolean performSpValidateMethod, String& publishWFString) (Build:3110)

Is the custom actions publishing via PublishFromNWF not supported, or did I miss any configuration?

Thanks in advance and Best regards.

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