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Publish 2013 Nintex workflow programatically

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I am trying to publish the workflow from a local folder to a list on site using nintex web services. I added the service reference in my visual studio solution. After that i tried to instantiate the object using 

NintexWorkflowService.NintexWorkflowWS objWFService = new NintexWorkflowService.NintexWorkflowWS();

but the service reference has no class for "NintexWorkflowWS". How can i publish the workflow?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Publish 2013 Nintex workflow programatically

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Hi Akdas,

If you are creating application, and you added the namespace of your project and name of the service references to your dependency section of your Visual Studio solution, you can instantiate the NintexWorkflowWSSoapClient class and then access your desired endpoint, in this case, PublishFromNWFXml. You can find a walkthrough and a pointer to a sample project at my recent blog post, " ". Hope this helps, and if you run into issues, please leave a comment on the blog post so that I can improve my information, and hopefully find the answer to your issue. Cheers! Matt

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