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Problem workflow " Copy to SharePoint"


I am currently trying to solve the following task:


If someone in a library (1) uploads a file, it should also appear in another library (2). I've got it via a workflow with the function "copy to SharePoint" with the destination via the URL for library (2).


Now I would like that if someone in library (2) processes the affected file, the changes will also be recorded automatically in the library (1). I also wanted to solve this with a workflow via the function "copy to SharePoint" and the matching URL to the file in library (1).

But it does not work.


I hope the problem is understandable and you can help me. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Problem workflow " Copy to SharePoint"

@Maxi the process seems simple enough. 


You don't technically need the copy to SharePoint action for both of those unless you want the actual file to be updated. Why you're storing a file in two locations is beyond me though. I would suggest just create a review task to achieve the same thing and turn on version control to track any updates to the original item. 


Then its just one item being updated and managed. Not two.

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