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Print to PDF and font size

Hi folks,


I have the following problem with printing Nintex Forms 2013 using the “Print to PDF” function.

Our customer has strict Corporate Identity requirements, that fonts should be Arial 10 in common documents.

We used font settings in the ribbon to have Arial 10 as the font within the controls.

Everything is fine on the screen, when you fill the form.

When you print the the form using the “Print to PDF” Button in the ribbon (no matter which view) and save the pdf (I have Adobe Reader installed) the font sizes change.

Arial 10 becomes ArialMT 11 and Arial 11 becomes ArialMT 13.

The change of the font from Arial to ArialMT is OK, TrueType Fonts have the “MT” extension.

BUT: The change of the font size is the real problem. Forms designed to fit on a DIN A 4 page will not fit on the page when you print them.


To work around the problem, we created a custom css and associated this to the controls, to enforce the font size to the specific controls, but it has no effect. The problem is the same.


Information on how I checked my observation:

1.      Create a form with Labels or Text Controls (Single Multiline

2.      Associate the Font Arial 10 using the Dropdowns in the Designer Ribbon

3.      Publish the form

4.      Fill a new form and save it

5.      Reopen the form and print it using the “Print to PDF Function”

6.      Save the PDF

7.      Copy the text from a control into word and check the Font and Font size

8.      You can also open the pdf in Word to check the formatting.


Has anyone got a workaround for this problem?



Best Regards



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