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Print document after verification

Hi Guys,

I have task to create a simple website, to open and print earlier attached PDF files.

The whole trick is that only specific user should see his specific file, because these are files with employees wages.

I thought about SP list with columns:


Then to create the Nintex Form with textbox, where user can write his ID.

Till now everything went fine.

I can put ID to textbox and the form will fill with information from SP list.

Qustions about form:

Why form information won't update dynamically or after Enter hit?
After inserting ID, I have to click somewhere on form to see results.
How can I add hyperlink of attached file to form?

Next steps:

I'm planning to add next textbox for Security Code and compare it with ID number.

If they will match, show hyperlink to attached file. Is it possible at all in Nintex Form?

What do you think about this approach.
Will it be secure enough?

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