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Nintex Newbie

Permission issue for Flexi Task

Hi all,


As part of my workflow, I need anyone in a department to be able to approve, reject etc, however the only notification needs to go to a department mailbox, but I do not want more than one task created.


I have set up a SharePoint group and put all department members in that group and make that group the assignee, however I can't figure out how to create only one task for the group (ie. Manufacturing) and only send a notification (with a link to the newly created task) to the department mailbox only (ie. without making them an assignee and creating a new task for as well.  And even when I do that, the link that is sent in the notification to the group mailbox isn't accessible by whoever clicks on the link (and is obviously logged in as themselves in sharepoint).  The error is "You are not authorized to respond to this task".  I have tried to ensure this wouldn't happen by configuring both the relevant list and the task list to allow all members to have full read, write and edit permissions for all items, not just theirs, but I either haven't set it correctly or it makes no difference.


I can't even use the notification item to retrieve the task ID used by the flexi task because if I run a parallel action, the variable obviously isn't updated until it has been actioned, so when I try to build the link to send in a notification the workflow variable equals nothing yet.


Please help!



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Nintex Newbie

Re: Permission issue for Flexi Task

can you show us your task configuration settings for task and notification please?

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