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Nintex Newbie

Panel Does Not Toggle

I have written a rule for my Nintex form to hide a panel if a yes/no control is empty (the default is no.) When the person clicks the box for yes, the panel appears. That's great. However, if they change their mind and change the choice back to no, the panel remains. What do I need to do to toggle the panel between the yes or no response?

Thank you.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Panel Does Not Toggle


can you post a screenshot of your rule?

Usually a form rule for checkboxes is very straightforward. Use

NameOfYourCheckbox to see if it's ticked and !NameOfYourCheckbox or not(NameOfYourCheckbox) to check if it's not ticked.

So the form rule on your panel can be "hide" on not(NameOfYourCheckbox) and you should be set.

Best regards