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Automation Master
Automation Master

Order of control load in Nintex Forms?


I have a calculated value on my form which looks up the user profile of a selected person in a people picker field as follows:

userProfileLookup(RequestedBy, "Department")

this successfully displays the data i want, in this case "Marine & Technology Centre"

I have another control, list lookup, which is trying to filter a list, by the above value.  when i use the above named calculated value to filter the list, i get no records returned.  if i changed the filtering, and type in "Marine & Technology Centre" I get the records i expect returned.

This leads me to believe that the order in which the form loads, and the controls within it, are loaded in an order where at the time of looking at the list, the calculated value is empty.

Is there a help article anyway that discusses the order in which the form loads?

Or does anyone have any experience of doing something similar and have ideas for me to try please?

All help gratefully received.

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