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Oracle client Software Error only in Specific Cases

I have a Workflow A in "List A" that runs multiple workflows(B and C) in List A. Those workflows request approval from users and those tasks appear in the Workflow Task list.  In the Workflow Task List there is another workflow that writes into an Oracle Table whenever items are created.

If I run Workflow B or Workflow C the tasks are created and the workflow successfully adds data to the Oracle table.  However when I run Workflow A and it attempts to run Workflow B or Workflow C. Workflow B/C waits for a little bit in the "Starting" status and then eventually continues to create the tasks in the Workflow Task list. The Workflow Task workflow errors, stating: "Error performing database operation. System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater."

We have made sure all WFEs servers have the latest Oracle Client (12.1.0)

This issue only appears to occur whenever a "wait" action takes place. Workflow A uses a State Machine and whenever it starts another workflow, it is meant to wait until that workflow completes before it can continue. If I run Workflow A in a state that doesn't start another workflow and it simply just requests approval, then there are no errors.

-Thanks for all your assistance on this issue in advance