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Nintex workflow task - Language issue with the status

Hi there,

I have build a quite complex workflow on a Sharepoint 2013 test environment with Nintex Workflow 2013 (through reusabled workflow template). Once it was tested successfully, I migrated it to our production environment with an Export / Import. Workflow is running fine.

I then noticed that the production site on which the workflow is running has the wrong language (English instead of French). So I modifed the language in the Site Parameters / Regional settings.

Everything is fine on my site and Workflow : my dates are, everywhere language is French, even the choice column on the workflow task library are in French.

The only issue I have is that when a workflow task is completed, its status is 'Completed' (so in English) instead of 'Terminé' (French) whereas the other status are in French !!!! Here an example :

When I look at the status column of the task library everything is in french :

I recreated the workflow, stopped and restarted all the Nintex Features at site and site collection level but the issue is still there.

Any idea why the 'Completed' status keeps coming and how to solve this ?

Thanks and regards !

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