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Nintex Newbie

Nintex form :Editing and drafting a message

I am trying to create a multiline control where user could draft a message which will be send as notification later after approval .


When it is connected to a SharePoint column the default option is not available Nintex .

Which I need to draft something like given below. Then user can add his on lines before submitting the form . Is there any way to achieve this .

Please see the attached pictures below

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Nintex form :Editing and drafting a message

Was able to accomplish this with following JQuery.

The ones in green color are JavaScript Variables.

Strathcona Systems

NWF$(function() {
     NWF$('#'+ JavascriptDuration).on('change', function()
             NWF$('#'+ JavascriptMultiLine).val("There is a scheduled outage planned for ");
             NWF$('#'+ JavascriptMultiLine).append(NWF$('#'+ JavascriptImpactedGroups).val());
             NWF$('#'+ JavascriptMultiLine).append(" from ");
             NWF$('#'+ JavascriptMultiLine).append(NWF$('#'+ JavascriptStartDate).val());
             NWF$('#'+ JavascriptMultiLine).append(" to ");
             NWF$('#'+ JavascriptMultiLine).append(NWF$('#'+ JavascriptEndDate).val());
             NWF$('#'+ JavascriptMultiLine).append(" Please plan your work accordingly. ");
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