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Workflow Hero

Nintex asking form type twice

So we have a user who is creating new list and new item Nintex forms and she is getting the question about "Class or Responsive form" twice.  It ask the user when they first create it the form for a responsive or classic form...they select responsive form and build the form. Once they've completed the form and submitted it, it ask them again for responsive or classic? It never ask them again after this....It only ask the first time before they create the form and then after they submit the form they've finished.

Anyone know why it would asking this twice?

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Workflow Hero

Re: Nintex asking form type twice

Hi Steven,

didn't see this behaviour before. Is she getting the double prompt in different browsers?

As this is a builtin mechanism I think it's best to open a ticket at Nintex Support and see if they can fix it. Maybe it's a bug in specific constellations.

Best regards


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