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Nintex Workflow Templates - Amazon AWS keep track of your cloud

Products: Nintex Workflow 2013, Nintex Workflow 2010

To get the most value from Amazon Web Services, IT managers need to know more about how your company uses cloud services, which departments are using it, how often are they using it, and how much are they using each time.

By building workflows with Nintex Live AWS actions and Nintex Forms, you can account for your cloud assets more effectively by feeding important request and usage information directly into SharePoint for better visibility and analysis.

This example uses the Nintex Live action, Amazon EC2 Instance Management.

What will I find attached to this article?
Attached to the article, you will find a List (.stp) and Workflow (.nwf) exports for a fictious company 'Crestan':

  • Approval workflow to create Amazon AWS EC2 instances, (AWS - Keep track of your cloud.nwf). Configure the workflow to start when a list item added
  • A list to hold the requests for Amazon EC2 instances (AWS - Keep track of your Cloud.stp)

Prerequisites for this template:

  • Nintex Live activated on your Nintex environment Installing Nintex Workflow 2013 / Installing Nintex Workflow 2010 (section 'Nintex Live')
  • You will need an Amazon AWS account,
  • Security credentials for your Amazon AWS account - under <your name>-Security Credentials - , then Access Credentials, obtain the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key
  • Enter the security group for your instance in the Collection Action into a collection variable
  • In the Assign Flexi Task, assign an email recipient for the machine request

To begin:

  1. Create the list in your SharePoint environment using the template, and create the list workflow.
  2. Import the Nintex Workflow template.
  3. Create an item in the list, and a request email should be sent to the approver.
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