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Nintex Workflow Templates - Amazon AWS Automated Provisioning

​Products: Nintex Workflow 2013, Nintex Workflow 2010

Create virtual machines by building Nintex Live AWS actions into your standard onboarding workflow. By extending your provisioning processes, your new employees can be productive faster. You can also streamline HR and IT processes by using Nintex Live actions to automate the decommissioning of employee virtual machines.

This example uses the Nintex Live action, Amazon EC2 Create Instance.

What will I find attached to this article?

Attached to the article, you will find a SharePoint List (.stp) and Workflow (.nwf) exports for a fictitious company 'Crestan' and create compute assets for a new employee (AWS - automated provisioning.nwf).

Prerequisites for this template:

  • Nintex Live activated on your Nintex environment Installing Nintex Workflow 2013/ Installing Nintex Workflow 2010 (section Nintex Live)
  • An Amazon AWS account,
  • Security credentials for your Amazon AWS account - under <your name>-Security Credentials - , then Access Credentials, obtain the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key.
  • Credentials to an Active Directory account to create new users (if not available, these actions in the state machine column in the workflow can be removed)
  • Credentials to create an RTC (Real time communication) account e.g. Lync, and Exchange account

To begin:                                                          

  1. Create the list in your SharePoint environment using the template, and then the site workflows.
  2. Import the Nintex Workflow template.
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