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Nintex Newbie

Nintex Workflow Scheduler no longer configured?

I'm new to my organization and it appears the workflow scheduler (on-prem 2010) was running previous to a date towards the end of May but hasn't since. We have a workflow that is triggered by a new list item to schedule another workflow based on a date field in the list item. There is just this one configuration step in the initiation workflow (see Nintex config attachment). This workflow does run but the other workflow never gets started as it did previously. Checking Central Administration it appears there's no web app configured for the workflow scheduler (see other attachment). I did try running NWAdmin command to install the timer job service, but that only seemed to cause interruptions to our sites - which I didn't think that would do at all. After there is still no web app shown in Central Administration. Our servers have been down (for other reasons) since it stopped working so anything that should be "restarted" has already been restarted, I would think.

Any ideas on what I'm missing or how to get the web app configured properly in CA?

...and apologies for choosing Dev Talk as the "place" as there wasn't anything more relevant that I could select...

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