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Nintex Workflow 2013 rollback to previous version of a calendar event.

I am still working on a leave request workflow.

My current issue is when a person submits an annual leave request for 4 days and the manager approves it.

Then the person changes the request adding a fifth day. This seems to overwrite the 4 day event.

If the manager rejects the change all information is lost and the person must reenter the 4 day request over again.

What I am trying to do is before ending any workflow, I store the current Title, Leave Type, Start date, End Date and All day event data into Historical fields. upon rejection the 5 day version is deleted and a new event is created from the stored historical data.

This almost works. I cannot get the approval status "Approved" applied to this new event.


First Question: is there a better way of doing this? (are there action tools I am not aware?)

Second Is there a way to apply the approval status to this new event?

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