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Nintex Workflow 2013 Licensing


We are planning to use nintex workflow 2013 for our workflow development in SharePoint 2013.

1. How nintex provide license for Nintex Workflow 2013  ? We have heard that the type of license in nintex workflow is based on number of actions used in workflow. Is this true ? Can we have more details on licensing ?

2. Nintex Workflow 2013  is based on SharePoint 2010 workflow platform. Is there any update available for Nintex Workflow 2013   so that it can work on SharePoint 2013 workflow platform ?


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Re: Nintex Workflow 2013 Licensing

Not an official Nintex response as I don't work for them, but we're looking at the subscription model license for Nintex 2016/O365 and we have been told as well by our vendors, that a Workflow is defined as containing 7 or more actions.

Sure this will be clarified though.

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Workflow Hero

Re: Nintex Workflow 2013 Licensing

Nintex licensing in 2013 can be perpetual licensing where your workflow action limit is not defined.

In subscription licensing it depends on workflow actions. Your workflow does not count against the workflow limit if it only contains up to 5 Actions and doesn't run another workflow.

Wether subcription or perpetual licensing is the best option for you should be clarified with a Nintex Partner. It heavily depends on what you're trying to build.

Right not there is no support for SharePoint Workflow Manager as the legacy model gives Nintex much more power to run their customizations. I wouldn't wait for a change to this.

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