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Nintex Workflow 2010 - Issue with using Resource files for the site columns when working with Tasks

For out site columns we use Resource strings for the 'title' fields. This way the title displayed is the correct one for the language the user is viewing the site (SHarepoint) in.

However with our Nintex Workflow's the tasks seem to only respect the resource string that the workflow was published in. This is due to the fact that when editing a 'Request Data' action for example you will see that for the column's it uses the title string which is the translated string instead of using the static name for that column.

So for example if you edit the actions in the workflow under the english language and publish it, if you than try to fill in tasks using a different language the variables that have been assigned to the request data column to do not collect any data since the column titles are different based on the language.

Has anyone used Resource files for site columns in actions for workflows with Nintex?

** We do not use Nintex Forms.

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