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Nintex Task delegation - "for this teamsite only" > "All sites"


I'm not sure if this is a general problem or if it's just me who has a problem with that  & hope im right here if not feel free to move it.

We are expanding our Workflows on diffrent Sitecollections/Webapplications for example: 

- Sitecollection A (DMS Workflows): All Workflows with reference to a customer process. 
- Sitecollection B (Manager Workflows): Here are all workflows, which are only seen / edited by supervisors. 
- Sitecollection C: (Workflows): All other workflows with no reference to a specific topic. 

Now there are supervisors with all kind of workflows.

Like Sitecollection A and B. Until now (with only one sitecollection with workflows), they could add a "Nintex task delegation" and leave the scope setting unchecked. 

With the split of our workflows, they want to delegate Sitecollection B, to another supervisior and Sitecollection A & C to a employee within there team. 

But if I now set up a delegation with the scope "All sites" and on Sitecollection B with scope "For this teamsite only". 

The delegation with the scope "All Sites" wins every time.

Would not it be better if the "special" rule for a sitecollection would supersed the general? 


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