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Nintex Mobile Enterprise - Install App to iOS

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently struggling with installing a Nintex Mobile Enteperprise App to some iOS devices. We set up Certificates and Provisioning profiles as requested and built the app.

I once registered the UDIDs of my two devices (iPhone and iPad) in Apple Developer Portal and I am able to install the apps there. I'm also able to update the app after building them again in App Studio.

I now want to add the app to 3 additional devices. I registered the UDIDs in the Apple Developer Portal, updated the provisioning profile and rebuilt the app. After build completes I tried to install the app using the App Deploy feature. The app is downloading to the device but when it starts installing it fails with "unable to download app" and is deleted immediately again.

I also tried installation via iTunes but it also gives me the same error.

I only have a single certificate and provisioning profile and both are shown as valid in App Studio. As said I can reinstall it to the first two devices I had with no problems. All devices run latest iOS 10.2.1.

Am I missing anything?

Kind regards,


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Nintex Mobile Enterprise - Install App to iOS

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Changed to Apple Enterprise Developer Program and recreated everything new. Now distribution works as expected.