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Nintex Live Relay Service-how to manually install

If you have an issue installing Nintex Workflow & Nintex Live on your server. 


The installer completed successfully, but there were errors in the Event Viewer when starting the service from Central Admin.  After talking to Nintex support, they mentioned that there should have been a windows service "Nintex Live Relay Service".  But it was not listed. 

So re-install Nintex, and when it is complete, look at the logs hoping to see more information about the service. 

Luckily, its location is listed, so use installutil.exe to manually install it.  

Open command prompt, run as Admin:

installutil "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\BIN\NintexLive\Nintex.Live.RelayService.exe"

Go in Central Admin, System Settings, Manage Services on Server, and start Nintex Live Relay service.

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