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Nintex Hawkeye - Release Notes

Release Date: 3rd October 2018


  • Introducing the “Inventory Lens” which provides the ability to analyze your Nintex Inventory across Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow On-Premises. You can now analyze what workflows are running, where they are located them, who has published them, which ones are failing and how often, what actions are used, and much more.
  • The automatic discovery of Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC) workflows when adding NWC Data Sources. Your Hawkeye tenant will now be pre-populated with historical Workflow Data allowing you to start analyzing, even when the events happened before the Data Source was created!
  • Office 365 tenant-level data source, allowing you to add all Nintex workflows within your Office 365 Tenant from a single data source

    Release Date: 22nd August 2017


    • Select and apply a distinctive thumbnail image to each featured lens
    • Expand Dashboard: provide ability to enlarge the dashboard to take up the entire window, improving analysis of data visualizations
    • Updated Data Source cards: updated design that makes it easier manage and distinguish each data source:
      • Set a unique name and location for each data source
      • Present status and quality information: when data was last received, how much data was ingested, which lenses are using the data source and the status of the connection to the data source.


    Release Date: 30th March 2017


    • Nintex Workflow Cloud Data Collector: Support for Nintex Workflow Cloud Data Sources

    Release Date: 29th March 2017


    • Office 365 Data Collector: Support for Office 365 Data Sources
    • Nintex Workflow Cloud Data Collector: Support for Nintex Workflow Cloud Data Sources
    • Cumulative bug fixes 
      • Resolved issue with display of Nintex Hawkeye data zone name
      • Resolved issue with page display upon Login and Logout

    Release Date: 9th January 2017


    • SharePoint 2010 Data Collector: Support for SharePoint 2010 Data Sources
    • Process Stage Expected Duration: support for defining an excepted duration when using the Beginning Beacon and Ending Beacon Workflow Designer Actions
    • Cumulative bug fixes 
      • Support for Nintex Workflow for SharePoint deployments where the config database is not mapped to a site collection
      • Assorted SharePoint Data Collector bug fixes

    Release Date: 28th November 2016


    • Embedded Dashboards will automatically refresh when you adjust Process Lens configuration (e.g. adding or removing a Workflow from a Process Intelligence lens

    Release Date: 14th November 2016


      • Foundational data ingress support for Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud. Stay tuned for these features!
      • Cumulative bug fixes 
        • Resolution of bug impacting message cold storage

    Release Date: 2nd November 2016


      • Hotfix 
        • Resolved an issue which prevented adding users to a tenant if the user email domain contains a hyphen (e.g.

    Release Date: 31st October 2016


      • User Experience enhancements to the Process Intelligence Lens Workflow search flow
      • Embedded Dashboards will automatically refresh when you adjust Usage Lens configuration (e.g. adding or removing a Data Source from a Usage lens)
      • Enhancements to the Trial Tenant request proces
      • The Data Sources page now displays the current Tenant's ID
      • Cumulative bug fixes 
        • Ensured that the Activity List header remains visible when scrolling
        • Update to the embedded email address in the Tenant Expiry email

    Release Date: 10th October 2016


      • Hotfix 
        • Resolved an issue with scrolling whilst embeded dashboards are rendering on the Lens Detail page 

    Release Date: 3rd October 2016


      • Cumulative bug fixes 
        • De-Authorised Data Sources are now available for reporting within a Usage Lens 
        • Improved email notification when an existing Hawkeye user is added to a Hawkeye tenant
        • Resolution of an issue that was impacting Data Source card refreshing 
        • Enhancement to the email notification when requesting assistance from your administrator when setting up a trial

    Release Date: 19th September 2016


      • SharePoint 2016 Data Collector: Support for SharePoint 2016 Data Sources
      • SharePoint 2013 Data Collector: Enhancements and fixes to the 2013 SharePoint Data Collector
      • Historical Data Extraction Enhancements: Enhancement to automatically commence historical data extractions as soon as a Data Source is authorized. Avoids subsequent, unnecessary extractions when creating Lenses. 
      • Cumulative bug fixes 
        • Resolution of issue when historical extractions were triggered immediately after data source authorization
        • Enhancements to better support multiple data collector services running on a SharePoint farm
        • Resolved memory leak with SharePoint 2013 data collector


      • Please be sure to upgrade existing SharePoint 2013 Data Collector installations

    Release Date: 29th August 2016


      • Cumulative bug fixes

    Release Date: 15th August 2016


      • Basic Profile Management: Ability to edit profile first and last names
      • Lens Data Caching: Introduction of data caching for each lens, resulting in greatly improved performance of embedded dashboards
      • Enhanced cloud deployment capability: Subsequent Nintex Hawkeye deployments will now require little to no product outage
      • Minor cosmetic bug fixes

    Initial Product Release

    Release Date: 25th July 2016


      • Introduction of the Nintex Hawkeye service
      • Historical Data Extraction and Real-time Events from SharePoint 2013
      • Usage and Process Intelligence Lenses
      • Embedded Nintex Usage Dashboards
      • Downloadable Power BI templates