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Nintex Forms Parent Child Form

Good Day, I am working with SharePoint 2010, Nintex Forms 1.6, and IE10.  I’ve implemented a parent-child form.  Both parent and child forms as set as dialogs.  The child list is displayed through a list view object on the parent form.  The intent is the parent form opens and the appropriate children are displayed and are editable.  This works as expected except: 1. The child form does not open as a dialog when edited but opens as a new window (with left navigation) and when Save/Cancel are selected the child window closes and leaves the user on the default view of the child list, not the parent dialog (which is now closed) from where the edit child action originated. 2. The list view object for the child list does not show the column headers.  If you hover over them they appear but the shading and lettering are so light they are not usable. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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