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Nintex Forms: Custom Attachment Control

Hi folks,

We’re using Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2013 and our customer is unhappy with the available list item attachment control on the form. I totally see his pain points as they’re using internet explorer as enterprise browser (as many of our customers) and this means they are able to upload the attachments using the browse dialog and selecting file by file. So, no drag & drop, no multiple select. Very annoying.


I’ve to say, that we are on client side, without possibility to deploy any server-side custom controls. And we’re using Classic forms because of heavy JavaScript & CSS customization.

We’ve injected a custom control using jQuery where we are able to use drag & drop from desktop and also to upload multiple files at once. Behind the scenes we are using SharePoint’s REST and AJAX to attach those files to the currently open item.


But is not a good solution as updating the item while the item is open, would cause an error message when users click on the save button, as our custom attachment upload has modified the item behind the form and the form notice this with an error message, that someone else has changed the current item. Fully understandable so far.


Now I’m looking for possibilities to get those actions in line.
It seems the Nintex original attachment control holds the changes to attachments (new added and removed files) in memory until the user clicks on save and apply them while saving the metadata.

Is it possible to use Nintex Forms Object Model to push the new added files into an array or such to let the original attachment control upload them on save event? I had a look into NWF.FormFiller.Attachment object but was not able to find such method. Is there a documentation of this objects somewhere?

Or is it possible to somehow hook into save event and to inject the files in this moment somehow?

Is it possible to reload attachment control without reloading the whole form?
Any other idea is highly appreciated.


Thank you and kind regards

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