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Nintex Forms Connected Columns

I am experiencing an issue with the Nintex forms and their connected columns.

I have 5 content types for the Library and created a form for each. One of the criteria is Document Type. I use this as a way to group different items.

Problem: Document Type is a connected column. I have each content type set up with its default Document Type...however when I publish and test the forms out, it groups them ALL under Miscellaneous instead of the Document Type listed on the form. I've hidden it, I've un hidden it, I enabled it, and disabled it. It seems the only time this works properly is if the Content Type being uploaded is the default Content Type. I'm not changing the connected column from the initial form Nintex provides aside form aesthetics. Any ideas on why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?

Note: My content types all require dates, connected columns and choice values.

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