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Nintex Forms: Calculated Value control with lookup() function not returning proper value

I have a list with custom Nintex Form.  I need to grab 4 date values from a secondary SharePoint list and store these values in form variables.

Let's call the 2nd list "List B"

List B has 4 columns that I need: (Filtered on "Quarter = FormVariable.Quarter)

   - Start Date

   - End Date

   - Selection Available Start Date

   - Selection Available End Date

In the Nintex form, I have 4 form variables each with a lookup() function as the default value:

   - Award Selection End - lookup("List B","Quarter",Quarter,"Selection Available End Date")

      [returns Sat Dec 31 00:00:00 EST 2016]

   - Award Selection Start - lookup("List B","Quarter",Quarter,"Selection Available Start Date")

      [returns #Value!]

   - Nomination Start Date - lookup("List B","Quarter",Quarter,"Start Date")

      [returns Fri Dec 23 00:00:00 EST 2016]

   - Nomination End Date - lookup("List B","Quarter",Quarter,"End Date")

      [returns Tue Nov 1 00:00:00 EDT 2016 ]

I'm trying to troubleshoot and resolve the lookup for Award Selection Start value returning #Value!

As you can see, all of the lookup functions are setup the same with exception of the Output Column.  All fields in List B are Date fields, set to Standard display with no default values.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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Re: Nintex Forms: Calculated Value control with lookup() function not returning proper value

what I would check:

-check developer console for any errors reported. once there are errors reported, calculation formulas, rules, javascript, etc. do  not evaluate reliably

- watch developer console during lookup formula is evaluated. you should see there query definition posted to sherepoint a possibly error if it fails. examine the query definition whether it's correct

- check carefully for missing or unwanted spaces in formula definition and/or field names in list. they're hard to spot but can cause problems like this

- check you correctly reference list fields, especially you renamed them. AFAIK lookup function works just with field's display names and do not recognize field's internal names.

- try to rebuild the formula from the scratch. especially if you copied it (or some part(s)), despite the definition seems to be correct it doesn't evaluate as expected

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