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Nintex Forms - Autopopulate text field based on a value in a listbox field

Hello guys,

Could you someone help me with my current issue in Nintex Forms?

I would like to auto populate a text field based on selected value in a listbox (choice menu).

  • In my concrete case I have 2 fields: the field name „Template name“ which is a listbox and the second field „Answer to customer“ which is a multiple line of text.
  • I have also created a SharePoint list „Templates for customers“ where I have 2 columns „Template Name“ and „Answer“ where template name corresponds with the values in the listbox and the value in Answer“ I would like populate to the „Answer to customer“ in my form.
  • The last thing is that a prefilled text in the field “Answer to customer” must be always possible to edit manually.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards


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